I am Ian Torn

I moved to British Columbia in 2006 from a small town in Alberta for education and to build a career the moment I graduated high school. I have called Metro Vancouver my home for the last 13 years and it has helped shape who am I today.

Being a son of an immigrant, I have heard many stories about the reasons my family left their home country and the reasons why they chose to come to Canada. A stable democracy, a safe and secure nation, freedom of speech and freedom of religion, a sense of unity and community, a better quality of life.

These values are what attracted my family to immigrate and my father to serve in the Canadian reserves. And these are the values that have given me the freedom and opportunity to pursue a career of my choice.

These values are tenets I see being eroded away these past 4 years by the policies of the Liberal Party.

These values are what I will fight to keep to ensure that my family, future families, and fellow newcomers can stay free.

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